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(2x26) Lievus Meij: Part 3, Episode 2

In that war, the more powerful magic users on either side are the primary soldiers, and so die out in the greatest numbers. Both sides remain civil enough not to attack non-combatants, and so those who are magically inept become an increasingly major segment of the dwindling population. In the final days of the war, the second colony is finally conquered, and Lievus himself spearheads the charge into the city, where Kadia stands ready to defy him.

A titanic battle between these two most powerful mages ensues, while the remainder of the old temple's forces search the city for Kadia's children and any other powerful leaders who might organize a resistance to their occupation. In the end, Kadia is slain by a saddened Lievus; and her children are nowhere to be found, having fled the city during the battle, each of them leading a small contingent of warlocks into the deep wilderness, abandoning the colony to be seized by Lievus and the forces of the old temple.

With the second colony taken at last, and the two smaller and newer colonies having since been occupied as well, the takeover of what was once a nascent federation is complete, and a unitary state centered on the old temple under the rule of Lievus is established in its place.

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