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(2x23) Lievus Meij: Part 2, Episode 2

With the population of the second colony expanding so rapidly, some families from it have even begun to move away from there and gone into the newly-opened countryside to establish their own additional colonies. Two of them have managed to achieve material independence thus far, with no small amount of help from some non-mutants from the old temple who had also begun spreading into the wider countryside and lent a helping hand to their neighbors in their times of need.

Both of the newer colonies, the mutants among them at least, initially sought complete political independence as well, to be completely apart from the old temple's civilization and not a part of the new federal government. But in cooperation with Lievus, and the influence of those emigrants from the old temple, Kadia has sought to gently bring them back into the fold.

She gladly supports their independence from the second colony and her leadership, and makes it clear that this is not about her or her colony retaining control over them. Rather, it is only about maintaining a preestablished structure for the peaceful resolution of possible future conflicts between the equal and independent colonies, and that as a third or fourth state of the federation, these additional colonies would have a voice in the federal government equal to the second colony or even the old temple. Thus far only one of them has seen the light of that reasoning, and joined as the third state of the federation.

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