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(2x22) Lievus Meij: Part 2, Episode 1

A decade or two later, the second colony has been established and is so far thriving. There has been a baby boom now that the climate is improving and resources seem more plentiful. Lievus has feelings of reservation about that, fearing that the improved climate may be a temporary phase in their world's uneven recovery, and that a possible future contraction of resource availability may spell tragedy for the now-increased population that depends on those increased resources. His feelings echo throughout Geiana, and what was once the majority of survivors, those without the mutant gene disconnecting them from Geiana, correspondingly reflect those sentiments, and consequently are less taken up in the baby boom than those with the mutant gene.

Consequently, the mutant population expands much more rapidly in the baby boom than the non-mutant population, and becomes a slight majority; and even though most of that new majority are still immature, Ehrban children are precocial and so make functional enough workers to build out the new colony and support their own increased population. Most of the mutants, of course, moved out of the temple to settle the new colony free from the control of Lievus and those who are part of Geiana, so it is that second colony that has grown most rapidly in the baby boom.

The combination of their mutant resistance to Geiana and lack of "ancestral spirit" (inherited memory) guidance, plus the overall immaturity of the new colony's population, make many of the non-mutants in the old temple anxious about the general temperment of the new colony. But under Kadia's leadership, the new colony has remained in peaceful relations with the old temple as independent co-equals under a nascent federal government uniting them.

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