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(2x21) Lievus Meij: Part 1, Episode 3

But as half-siblings and both wise elders of their closely-knit community, Lievus and Kadia are far from rivals, and when the independent minority begin to agitate that the harsh world outside has calmed enough that they should be allowed to form a breakaway colony apart from the old temple, Kadia comes to Lievus to speak in earnest with him and convince him, and through him the rest of the majority, to allow it. Lievus is hesitant, not out of any desire or perceived need to maintain control of those who seek independence from him, but out of concern for the very survival of their species. They are very few in number, barely a viable breeding population, and their have greater strength united together working jointly for their continued survival than they would have split and scattered, however socially prefereably it might be to go their separate ways.

Kadia argues on behalf of the independents that it may, conversely, be better not to keep all their eggs in one basket, and that a separate colony apart from the old temple might turn out to be an invaluable backup in case something terrible should happen at the temple; and likewise, the breakaway colony can still always fall back to the temple for support if they need it, and Lievus and the majority under his leadership would allow it. Lievus sees some wisdom in that, and Kadia likewise the reason of Lievus' arguments, and the two begin to reach a compromise where they will wait a few more years and see if the milder climate persists or improves, and if so then a second colony will be established, with its own local governance and a new layer of federal government to mediate relations between the old colony and the new.

The independents are not happy with this compromise, and as Kadia tries unsuccessfully to persuade them to accept it, it looks like violence may be about to erupt. But that is thankfully stalled when, unexpectedly, the weather turns the warmest on record since the fall, the snows melt, and the first spring in living memory blooms in the country outside the temple. Lievus declares that this is a sign that the time is right to start resettling their world, this new Ehrba, or as he dubs it in their language, Niarba.

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