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(2x20) Lievus Meij: Part 1, Episode 2

It was Leivus' mother Tatia, Keius' only lover, and the head of the school of magic based out of their ancient temple, who spearheaded the efforts to save the temple and everyone around it when the end of their world came so unexpectedly; and it was she who trained the people they saved in magic, and lead them through this time of crisis. But she is recently passed, along with the rest of her first generation of mages, and de facto leadership falls now to her children.

Besides Lievus, Tatia had also another child: Kadia, who takes after her more closely, and is seen by some as the more rightful heir. Ehrban are hermaphroditic, their genders given here merely our human perception of them, and they may have complex parentage. While Lievus was borne by Keius after mating with Tatia only, so Lievus takes more after Keius, Tatia herself bore Kadia as the product of her many mates, and so Kadia takes more after her. Kadia, like a minority of the survivors, has inherited from one of her mother's mates a mutation that affects the way their brains interface with the nanotechnology, allowing them to control their own nanites and so to perform "magic", but preventing the nanites from exercising any control over them in return, shutting them off from both their own ancestral memories that the nanites grant other mages, and also from the influence of the collective consciousness Geiana.

And while Lievus is the presumtive heir to the figurative throne in the eyes of the majority of survivors (linked together through Geiana over which he, as the most powerful mage, weilds the greatest influence), Kadia is meanwhile the preferred authority of that minority who are not so bound to the will of the majority, and who would prefer to be allowed to act in accordance.

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