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(2x19) Lievus Meij: Part 1, Episode 1

On Niarba, the secret society of mages popularly known as The Ancients give public sermons to the Nurbal and the Independent Nations on the history of their world that they all seem to have forgotten, of the dangers that lie beyond the stars and the depths to which all of their people once fell, out of which they have slowly climbed:

Thousands of Earth years in the past, the alien Ehrban people have just barely survived the near-destruction of their homeworld Ehrba, thanks only to the use of symbiotic nanotechnology that affords them effectively magical powers. Several generations ago their world was all but destroyed in an attack by a threat from the sky that none alive now remember. Their single large moon was shattered in the assault, fragments of it raining down across their world in an ongoing meteoric bombardment that ruined their once-great civilization and devastated their entire biome, causing a mass extinction nearly unparalleled in the world's history.

The Ehrban themselves survived only in a protective bubble around their holiest of temples, maintained by a constantly rotated team of "mages", individuals symbiotically imbued on the cellular level with their most advanced technology, as the world outside was ravaged by global fires and then storms of ash and snow before settling into a perpetual winter. In this time, "magic" has been essential to ensuring the survival of the Ehrban race, trapped inside this tiny artificial biome, and so nearly the entire population has been trained as mages, though to varying degrees of success.

The nanotechnology also links them loosely into something like a collective consciousness, called Geiana, over which the more skilled mages have greater influence. The greatest mage of them all is now also the eldest among them, and one of very few born before the fall, though even he was too young to remember it: Lievus Meij, the only child of Keius Meij, the creator of the technology that saved their race.

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