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The Meij Series

  1. In the Meij series, the descendants of Keius Meij help Ehrban civilization slowly rebuild on their ruined homeworld back to a spacefaring civilization again.
    1. In Lievus Meij, the child of Keius and Tatia, Lievus, and his half-sister, Kadia, become heads of rival factions of the “magical” survivors on the Ehrban homeworld.
      1. In Part 1, half-siblings Lievus Meij and Kadia Wieg work together to maintain peace between rival factions of Niarban society that has just emerged from near total destruction.
      2. In Part 2, hardships from the still-unstable environment of Niarba lead eventually to war between the rival factions, with Lievus and Kadia regretfully on opposite sides.
      3. In Part 3, Lievus' faction emerges victorious in the war, after he remorsefully slays Kadia in a titanic duel, and her children lead the surviving "warlocks" into the wilderness.
    2. In Darak Meij, the last living descendants of Lievus and Kadia face off in a battle that kills them both, drives “mages” into secrecy, and ushers in a new modernity for the surviving Ehrban.
      1. In Part 1, newborn Darak Meij reflects on his inherited memories of how his parents Scotus Meij and Wreben Wieg met, conceived him, and then died at the hands of Mav the Witch-Queen.
      2. In Part 2, Darak wanders out of the wilderness to a rural town where he is discovered to much fanfare, which ultimately leads Mav to descend upon the town to kill him.
      3. In Part 3, a reluctant coalition of political powers coalesces around Darak's quest to kill Mav, leading to both of their deaths and the expulsion of wizards from the public sphere.
    3. In Meij Endaren, the secret society of “mages” oppose the technologically-advanced Nurbal's plans for space exploration, culminating in an exodus of the Nurbal and their allies to another world.
      1. In Part 1, baby Meij Endaren is kidnapped from the Ancients and raised by the Nurbal to be a weapon to use against them, until he defects from them back to his own people.
      2. In Part 2, Meij Endaren meets his sister Daria and helps her and the Ancients fight against the Nurbal and his clone Amouch, until he decides that their cause is no more worthy.
      3. In Part 3, Endaren resurrects Mav the Witch-Queen to serve as a common enemy against whom to unite the Ancients and Nurbal, and then sacrifices his own life to stop her.