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(6x27) The War of Antiquity: Part 3, Episode 3

But for Ehrba it is too late, as the Berol manage to reach Ehrban itself and bombard it back to the stone age, destroying its single large moon and raining endless enormous fragments of it down onto the planet below. Although only hours later the Asiron would arrive and defeat the Berol fleet, it would prove too late, for the civilization of Ehrba would be set ablaze and utterly ruined.

Only Tatia and the school of mages survive the onslaught on Ehrba, huddled inside their grand temple in the ancient wild lands, praying to Geiana and the Minded-Worlds, shielded from the Berol attacks only by the combined might of Tatia and the other surviving archmages. It would be twelve thousand years before their civilization once again reached a level even approximating what it had been before the war.

As the portal network shuts down and the First Galactic War begins, night falls on the once-great galactic civilization of the Ehrban. Keius leaves his ship at Earth in the hands of his modified humans, who he tasks with the care and protection of their kind. He closes the local portal from the Earth side, to keep the rest of the galaxy out should they decide to come this way; and as only mighty Keius could, he departs without a ship across the galaxy back toward Ehrba, travelling at near-luminal speeds, hoping against hope that his homeworld might still be there when he arrived, tens of thousands of years later.

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