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(6x26) The War of Antiquity: Part 3, Episode 2

More ships are sent to counter them, but with the time dilation field at their disposal, the Berol can replenish their losses instantaneously and indefinitely. Several flashes of time-dilation elapse in but a few moments, and an undefeatable horde of Berol ships begins to pour through the portal from Berona and across the portal network, infiltrating the galaxy, attacking all the Ehrban worlds.

In desperation, Keius orders a mass retreat of any ships already in the air back toward the core worlds, back to Ehrba; and the closure of the portals from any systems the Berol have already infiltrated. But it may already be too late, for the Berol ships travel at near-luminous impulse speed just as the Ehrban ships do, so there is no hope in outrunning them.

But with the closure of the portals the onslaught can at least by slowed to subluminal speeds; which, given galactic distances, would give Ehrba thousands of years to prepare, if they can survive those forces already en route, which are already too late to stop. So simultaneously a message is sent to the Asiron ordering an all-out attack on the Berona system and the defense of Ehrba at all costs.

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