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(6x25) The War of Antiquity: Part 3, Episode 1

All of that elapses in a mere instant to the rest of Ehrban society, who one moment are about to test an engineering marvel and the next are suddenly confronted with an interminable fleet of enemy warships bent on nothing but their destruction. Keius is at Earth instructing his modified-human creations in their upcoming task, when suddenly he senses a great disturbance in the collective subconsciousness. The time dilation field has been activated hours ahead of schedule for the first test, and something has gone horribly wrong.

He can feel the Berol, and they alone are strange and disturbing, particularly inasmuch as they seem completely oblivious to any communication from the collective subconsciousness and so are unresponsive to Keius' queries and commands. (Keius wonders if perhaps the tighter hive-mind they seem to exhibit is something in between what the Minded-Worlds presumably intended Geiana to be, like what the Asiron almost became, and what the Ehrban actually turned out to be, since the Dragons, from whom the Berol seem descendent, were close to sapient already). But more disturbing still are the hundreds of deaths suddenly occurring on the ships monitoring the time-dilation experiment, as they are unexpectedly destroyed by the Berol fleet. Mortified and confused, Keius lapses into a deep trance and assumes mental control over everyone he can, coordinating an urgent emergency response action.

A huge fleet of ships is ordered to the Berona system, which mutually annihilates with the Berol fleet. But then, to everyone's horror, the Berona system flashes again, the time dilation field having been activated and then deactivated, and another Berol fleet appears ready to continue the attack. The enemy fleet is apparently unending, as whenever their numbers are depleted the Berol can simply turn the time dilation field back on, build a new fleet, and then turn the field off and release their reinforcements in the span of but an instant to the outside world.

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