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The War of Antiquity: Part 3

  1. In The War of Antiquity: Part 3, the hostile new aliens escape from inside the time dilation field and lay seige to an unsuspecting galaxy, destroying all of Ehrban civilization.
    1. In Episode 1, a mere instant after activating the time dilation field, the hostile Berol fleet suddenly appear and begin to pour out to attack the Ehrban.
    2. In Episode 2, as the innumerable Berol quickly overwhelm the unsuspecting Ehrban, Keius orders the wormhole network deactivated, and the Asiron to exterminate the new threat.
    3. In Episode 3, Ehrba is destroyed by the attacking Berol, save Tatia and a handful of mages, and Keius abandons his humans at Earth to return to Ehrba at subluminal speeds.