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(6x23) The War of Antiquity: Part 2, Episode 2

Things in the Berona civil war do not go well at all. Goran and his associates show their true colors when their power is threatened by a coalition of discontents rebelling against the imposition of martial law. Their brutality serves only to further unify the rebellion against them, but many Ehrban on the victorious rebel side die nevertheless. The victorious rebels then splinter into multiple factions who turn on each other, and by the end of the war the Ehrban inside the bubble have wiped themselves out completely.

Untold aeons pass, geological ages, still frozen in time relative to the outside world, and from the nonsapient half-dragon mutants, eventually new sapient life arises. The proto-sapients who would come to be called Berol branch in two evolutionary directions, a larger more brutal species and an intelligent but timid species.

These compete with each other over evolutionary timescales until eventually an equilibrium is established whereby the warrior-class of Berol believe that they have enslaved the scientist-class, and the scientist-class believes that they have enslaved the warrior-class, when in fact both are serving only their God-Emperor, to whom they are bound through the connections between their nanites (the individual Emperor manifesting as an incarnation of the collective-consciousness "God" created by the species as a whole, like Geiana of the Ehrban).

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