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(6x22) The War of Antiquity: Part 2, Episode 1

The time dilation field is completed and activated. Time within the Berona system is accelerated infinitely faster than time in the outside universe. To someone within the system, the outside universe appears frozen, and thus black and starless, for the entire time the field is activated. Meanwhile to someone outside the system, only an instant passes between when those inside activate the field and when they deactivate it, and after a bright flash of accumulated starlight shines out at once, all the changes which have occurred inside, no matter how long they took in internal time, appear to occur instantaneously.

(Amouch has no access to direct memories of these events, or even to memories of eye-witness reports of them, but he has access to Lievus' memories of Tatia's attempts to reconstruct what must have happened from the knowledge of a handful of survivors, primarily the one surviving descendent of the Sveren family line, who were privy to the failed plot that Goran tried to enact, including the genetic engineering of the Dragons and of the plotting Ehrban themselves that gave rise eventually to the warlock gene).

Inside the time dilation field, now free from Keius and any need to operate in secrecy, Goran and his religious sect implement their plan to take control of Berona. His geneticists go to work breeding the hideous half-dragon mutants they have been designing for years, and set them free in the wilderness of Berona. When they begin to attack the populated areas, and are not easily turned back, Goran declares a state of martial law.

With the aid of his sub-governors, some of whom have been trained in the archmage tradition, a state of panic is induced in the populace, with the goal that in desperation, absolute power will be turned over to Goran, from there to develop and repurpose the civilization on Beron to singlemindedly, in whatever time it takes, the overthrow of the new Ehrban society in the galaxy outside. But it does not go over so well with the other people of Berona, and instead a brutal a civil war erupts within the time bubble.

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