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(6x21) The War of Antiquity: Part 1, Episode 3

With the time dilation technology working and a test site selected, Keius conducts a search for the proper leadership to run things inside the time dilation field. Tatia volunteers, but he doesn't want to risk her life if something should go wrong, both for her sake, and his, and for the sake of Lievus, who he doesn't want to grow up without a father – even though that is how most Ehrban always grow up.

Instead be begins interviewing various students from the school of mages, as well as various people with a record of upstanding leadership in other segments of Ehrban society. Keius finds the selection process difficult, but his search is cut short when someone from the small intersection of both criteria volunteers: Goran, who offers to step down from his chancellorship, acknowledging that Keius has really become the true leader of their people. Keius is grateful to have such a trusted friend to lead the segment of the people that will be out of communication with him and the collective consciousness that guides them all.

But Keius does not know, thanks to the telepathy-blocking "magic" that Goran and his religious sect have developed into themselves, that this is secretly a plot to gain indefinite time and resources and freedom from control in which to mount a force to overthrow Keius' new society, and reinstitute their more conservative vision for the Ehrban people. Keius says that although Goran has been hiding his thoughts from Keius for decades, he has never done anything to betray Keius' trust; and so, since Keius will be unable to monitor what happens inside the time dilation field, he could think of no one more trustworthy to keep watch than Goran. Goran is inwardly shocked to learn that Keius is aware that he has been keeping secrets; but very pleased to be given this opportunity. So in ignorance of Goran's plot, Keius welcomes Goran and his hand-picked team to take leadership of the world of Berona where the time dilation device is to be tested.

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