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(6x20) The War of Antiquity: Part 1, Episode 2

Having a working miniature-scale prototype of the time dilation device now, Keius searches for a place to build and test a full scale version of the technology. He is, of course, extremely reluctant to go straight ahead and build one in the Sol system, lest it somehow unpredictably fail and possibly destroy the precious discovery of humanity.

After the unpredictable behavior of the Asiran, he is hesitant to allow them to construct a full-scale prototype in their own star system next door to Sol, either. To allow the Asiran to spend an indefinite amount of time sealed off from the rest of the universe, he fears, might allow them to progress to some unpredictable and possibly dangerous advanced state and then to instantaneously re-emerge into a universe wholly unprepared to deal with them.

Instead, Keius decides that a small, inhabited Ehrban colony is the right choice. With the right leadership, some Ehrban can be trusted to exist in accelerated time for a reliably short period, just to confirm that the device works, and not to use that in some way that might pose some unforeseen existential threat to the galaxy. After soliciting small, remote colonies that are willing to undergo the experiment, Keius selects from them the remote world of Berona, which has the added safety advantage of being on the far other end of the wormhole network from Earth, so that all of the Quelouvan empire would stand between any unforeseen threat and the precious jewel of humanity.

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