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(6x17) The Children of Antiquity: Part 3, Episode 2

The Ehrban are hermaphroditic, their "genders" used herein being actually more akin to races that merely track very loosely with human impressions of sexual dimorphism. But their sexual roles are socially determined: the social inferior usually bears the egg, first nursing from the breasts of the other (the nutrients from the nursing are seen as a gift to the one who will bear the child), and then fellating them (which is reproductively efficative in their biology). Vaginal sex is seen as weird and taboo, something like anal sex among humans, though it does actually work reproductively. More egalitarian sex practices, rather than a dominant/submissive model, are generally associated with that behavior, and are vaguely analogous to gay sex, but like anal sex and gay sex in humans, the correlation is not perfect, despite public perception. Some egalisexuals just prefer mutual fellation, and some traditional dom/sub couples engage in vaginal penetration too.

When Keius and Tatia consummate their relationship, Tatia defers to him, following his lead and presuming she will take the submissive role, as he is now clearly the social superior after being thrust into the role of messiah. But Keius' lead confuses, and simultaneously arouses, her. He first nurses from her, taking a submissive role, and then he takes her inside of him, still submitting by convention, but then he guides her to nurse from him while doing so, putting her in a simultaneously submissive and dominant role; and then they reverse those roles until he finishes, seeming to leave her ultimately submissive. But then, he fellates her afterward until she finishes as well.

After some time of their relationship becoming sexual, Keius says that he would like to have an egg by Tatia. She doesn't understand what he means at first; in Ehrban culture and biology, multiple parentage is common, only the "mother" being determinate, and children being raised primarily by "her" and secondarily by the entire community, any number of whom may be among the multiple "fathers". But as Keius reminds her, she is his only mate ever, so the egg will be his and hers alone, and he would like if they could raise the child together, co-parenting; a novel and bizarre concept to the Ehrban, but one that somewhat honors Tatia, and she agrees to it. They decide to name their child "Lievus", which in the Ehrban tongue means "love".

(Here, Amouch's access to the direct memories of Keius ends, as he descends from Lievus and so shared his memories from this point out. So instead, curious to know what became of the ancient Ehrban civilization, he meditating on those memories of Lievus, particularly of the stories that Tatia and others told him over his lifetime.)

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