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(6x12) The Children of Antiquity: Part 1, Episode 3

Among Tatia's first independently vetted students is Chancellor Goran, who is also a former lover of hers. At her request, Keius activates Goran's nanites, and Tatia begins training him in the use of them. Already being spiritually adept, as a devout religious man, he is even faster than she was at picking up the nanite interface, as it uses essentially the same mental processes as his religious meditation, which is in fact merely interfacing with the copy of his own mind and those of his ancestors that is stored in his nanites, like all Ehrban.

Unbeknownst to Keius or Tatia however, a conservative movement within the old church is ideologically opposed to Keius and have begun developing ways to resist the kind of mental invasion that he is capable of, and to negate the influence on themselves of the collective consciousness that is increasingly shaping the organization of their people. With that ability already, Goran is able to hide his affiliation from his teachers, and ingratiate himself with them as merely a grateful student.

In truth though, Goran's aspirations to train as a "mage", along with others secretly of his sect, are entirely a means to learn the power to cement their independence, and to equal their enemy in power. He presses on Tatia to "teach" him the power of immortality that Keius has already demonstrated, and though she is evasive on the topic for a time, he is disappointed to learn that Keius has not even granted that power to her, and is "hording" it for himself.

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