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(6x10) The Children of Antiquity: Part 1, Episode 1

As word of Keius' powers spread, and the changes in Geiana become apparent to the priests and spiritual masters around the world, nearly all of the Church of Geiana come to worship Keius as their messiah. Though he wants no such authority, he comes to accept the role that is thrust upon him, to use it to do good and to further the work he had already begun in quelling the galactic civil war. With the liberal changes he advocates in terms of doctrine and dogma, which are eagerly adopted by the lower regional churches, many of the holdouts which had resisted communion with the Church have a change of heart, and the Church's prevalence becomes almost absolute, not out of proselytization or domination but out of a true love of Geiana, whom they seek to make Geia – a love, that is, of all Ehrban life, to whom they seek to bring peace and harmony at long last.

But there still remain some holdouts in the old Church, whose leaders still refused to acknowledge Keius as anything but some demon, aberration, or crime-against-nature incarnate. Hiding their thoughts from him, they begin to plot and scheme some way to put the fear of Geiana back into the Ehrban people; and amongst their ranks is Chancellor Goran, who now greatly (though secretly) resents Keius for overshadowing him in power.

Keius attempts to do what he can to adapt to his new, largely involuntary role as the center of his people's reformed religion. He profusely denies that the power he has is actual magic, despite all appearances, and he vehemently insists that it is mere technology beyond their comprehension built by the Minded Worlds. To diffuse the aura of mystical power that has begun to accumulated around him, he decides to slowly and carefully enable functions of some other people's nanites to grant them powers like his own, and to simultaneously train those people in the use of those powers and vet them for worthiness to wield them.

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