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The Children of Antiquity

  1. In The Children of Antiquity, Keius and his lover Tatia found a school of “mages”, create artificial life, conceive a natural child, and unexpectedly discover primitive humanity.
    1. In Part 1, Keius adapts to his involuntary new role as savior and messiah of his people, then founds a school through which to safely spread his newfound power to others.
      1. In Episode 1, Keius attempts to do what he can to adapt to his new role as the center of his people's reformed religion, while some start to plot against him.
      2. In Episode 2, Keius grants Tatia "magic" powers and begins to train her in the use of them, after which the two of them found a school where they can teach still others.
      3. In Episode 3, one of the early students of the new school of mages is Chancellor Goran, who is also secretly a member of the conservative faction plotting against Keius.
    2. In Part 2, Keius returns to his research project investigating the connection between the nanotechnology and sapience, and creates new life de novo in the process.
      1. In Episode 1, Keius returns to Asira to continue his old investigation into the relation between sapient life and the nanites that gave him his powers.
      2. In Episode 2, amidst controversy that in doing so he is breaking an ancient taboo, Keius creates entirely new life forms from his nanites, the Asiran.
      3. In Episode 3, the Asiran are hailed as miraculous, but then turn out to pose exactly the threat that some feared they would, until Keius is barely able to reign them in.
    3. In Part 3, Keius and his lover Tatia finally consummate their relationship and have a child, right on the eve of the momentous discovery of other sapient life: humans.
      1. In Episode 1, Keius and Tatia gradually fall in love, but Tatia wrestles with the implications of Keius' earlier death and resurrection, and who he really is now.
      2. In Episode 2, Keius and Tatia finally consummate their relationship, in a way that is socially unusual by Ehrban customs, conceiving their child named Lievus.
      3. In Episode 3, an outgoing wormhole reveals prehistoric Earth to the Ehrban, and Keius becomes obsessed with studying primitive humanity, leaving Lievus to Tatia's care.