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(6x06) The Magic of Antiquity: Part 2, Episode 3

Shortly after leaving this remote world, however, a rebel warship arrives in the system, having somehow followed the same trail of hunches as Goran. They order Goran's small ship to halt and prepare to be tractored to the warship's fighter bay. Keius instructs Goran to remain on course, which prompts the warship to threaten weapons fire. Goran is terrified but maintains course as ordered. Keius stands meditatively as he explains to Goran that the nanites he has learned to control are powered by the metabolic energy of the organisms they inhabit, and that in accessing the ansible network between the nanites he is able to access not only information, but also that energy, from the entire Ehrban-descended biosphere, and channel it into the energy fields he can now generate at will through his own nanites. Keius then instructs Goran to cycle an airlock and let him out of the ship. Perplexed, Goran questions Keius, but Keius assures him that everything will be fine. Placing faith in his friend as he never would before, Goran does as he is told and vents Keius from the ship, as the rebel warship fires its weapons. But to the rebels' surprise, their missiles are mysteriously torn apart midway to their target, and an object appears on their sensors quickly inbound to their ship. They deploy countermeasures but those are somehow deflected. Their weapons systems go offline without explanation, and the unknown object breaches the hull of their fighter bay.

Within the fighter bay of the rebel ship, Keius Meij forces open an airlock, but holds back the atmosphere within by force of will alone. Within the halls of the ship, he effortlessly deflects weapons fire and renders rebel soldiers unconscious but unharmed with just a thought. As he brashly walks toward the bridge of the ship, disabling security locks with a wave of his hand, the command crew begins to cower in terror before whatever kind of superweapon has gotten on to their ship. When Keius finally reaches the bridge, all are too frightened to fire upon him; but Keius kneels before the captain, arms outstretched and wrists together, and speaks. "My name is Keius Meij. I am your prisoner."

Once captured and brought to the chief rebel world, Keius tells his captors that he is the supersoldier they were looking for, and no he won't fight for them, but he won't have them fighting over him either, so he has turned himself in. Furthermore, he won't tell them anything about the research that produced him, and nobody else knows how to reproduce the work and make another like him. He is initially given plush accommodations, not the least because he is a Meij, royalty by blood, and thus supposedly kin to this rebellion; but this royal treatment is really only to butter him up for information. When he is not forthcoming, they resort to torture, and even try to experiment on him against his will, but unsuccessfully. Keius resists, violently but nonlethally, and finally agrees to be kept in a regular prison and not cause any trouble – though he could easily escape – until the war is over.

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