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(6x05) The Magic of Antiquity: Part 2, Episode 2

The Meij lineage had long been one of the most powerful in Ehrban society – the name itself literally means "power" or "might". Keius' ancestors in ancient times were some of the earliest rulers of his peoples' great empires, and though their influence had ebbed and waned over the aeons, the Meij family had always held some degree of power somewhere. That is, until their lineage grew corrupt and despotic, and at last, only three generations ago, the last world over which a Meij held dominion banished their ruler and joined the civilized galaxy in less barbaric forms of government. The outcast ruler raised his son with great aspirations of one day returning the family to glory; that son in turn realized that the path to true power and glory lay in knowledge and just leadership, and his son Sovos in turn was raised as a philosopher. Sovos took the path of the ascetic, turning inward in contemplation for all his long life, postponing childbirth until near the end of his life, by which point he had come to the realization that to be a truly great leader, he would need to find a way to induce harmony in his followers; and that the key to this harmony was to understand the true nature of Geiana. Thus, after dying alone in meditation and birthing Keius from his corpse, Sovos, through the Meij spirit with which he became one, has subtly guided Keius down his path of research, and now at last the key to fulfilling their destiny is at hand.

Keius' plan is to speak directly to Geiana, and through her to the ancestral spirits of all Ehrban, establishing a communion between them, giving them all a single point of common focus – Keius himself – and priming them with dialogues on ethics and justice. Simultaneously, a few key individuals in positions of social and political power would be manipulated to put forward motions that their respective societies take certain just and ethical courses of action, and the people, having been subconsciously primed by these inner dialogues, would of course respond positively. In the process, as the inner minds of all Ehrban reached consensus and agreement, a single harmonious voice would emerge from the cacophony that was Geiana, and though the individual minds of all Ehrban would remain, they would be subtly guided by the collective wisdom of their entire ancestry and civilization.

But to do this, Keius needs representatives on both sides of the war; and that is where Goran comes into play. Keius tells Goran that he will be the pawn on the Imperial side of the war, to say the things Keius needs him to say, and that through this process Goran will become a popular and thus powerful political leader, perhaps even Chancellor of the Empire someday. Keius meanwhile will become a captive of the rebels, and from the safety of his prison cell manipulate their leadership as well. Though Goran knows he should be appalled by this devious plot, he finds himself, for some reason he cannot quite place, inclined to consent to it. Keius is calmly pleased, though not at all surprised, that Goran is willing to help him, and the two return to Goran's ship and plot a course toward Ehrba.

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