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(6x02) The Magic of Antiquity: Part 1, Episode 2

Tatia's research team on Asira is investigating the possibility of sapience in non-Erhban species, which has hitherto not been discovered anywhere else in the galaxy. They are observing a variety of high-potential alien species native to Asira, both in the wild and in captivity. More recently they have begun conducting breeding and genetic engineering experiments to attempt to accentuate the budding sapience, and this is why Keius has been transferred here.

Keius is researching one of the greatest biological mysteries of his day; the significance of a peculiarly dense and complex organelle found only in the cells of life from Ehrba, even though the basic building blocks of all life the Ehrban have found elsewhere is otherwise similar to their own. Of particular interest is the question of whether this organelle is at all responsible for the development of sapient life on Ehrba, as it is unlike anything thus far discovered in alien biospheres. It is hoped that Keius' research might suggest directions that Tatia's team should look in their genetic engineering experiments.

Over the time that Keius has worked under Tatia, her interest in him has grown more than merely professional. Keius is aware of her affections, and not averse to them, perhaps even inclined to reciprocate, but he hesitates for a variety of reasons. On one level he has always been somewhat stoic and unemotional, a trait he inherited from his father, who remained single his entire life and even eventually died in isolated meditation. On another level he is dedicated above all to his research, and has felt driven to uncover the secrets of sapient life for as long as he can remember. More personally, he senses a history of interest between Tatia and Goran, and would prefer to avoid the potential drama of interfering in the romantic affairs of two of his superiors.

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