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The Ehrban Saga

  1. In the Ehrban saga, an apparently magical world turns out to be the fallen remnant of an ancient alien empire, which eventually rises again to reclaim its lost heritage.
    1. In the Antiquity series, Keius Meij discovers a technological “magic” and transforms Ehrban society with it until their galactic civilization collapses in the face of an alien threat.
      1. In The Magic of Antiquity, xenobiologist Keius Meij discovers a technological “magic”, saves his galactic civilization from civil war with it, and tracks down its extragalactic origins.
      2. In The Children of Antiquity, Keius and his lover Tatia found a school of “mages”, create artificial life, conceive a natural child, and unexpectedly discover primitive humanity.
      3. In The War of Antiquity, a plan by Keius to accelerate the study of humanity plus a failed plot by his secret adversaries accidentally creates an enemy that topples Ehrban civilization.
    2. In the Meij series, the descendants of Keius Meij help Ehrban civilization slowly rebuild on their ruined homeworld back to a spacefaring civilization again.
      1. In Lievus Meij, the child of Keius and Tatia, Lievus, and his half-sister, Kadia, become heads of rival factions of the “magical” survivors on the Ehrban homeworld.
      2. In Darak Meij, the last living descendants of Lievus and Kadia face off in a battle that kills them both, drives “mages” into secrecy, and ushers in a new modernity for the surviving Ehrban.
      3. In Meij Endaren, the secret society of “mages” oppose the technologically-advanced Nurbal's plans for space exploration, culminating in an exodus of the Nurbal and their allies to another world.
    3. In the Nurbal series, Amouch leads the Nurbal exodus back out into the galaxy to reclaim the scattered remains of the ancient Ehrban galactic civilization.
      1. In Nurbal Colony, the exiled Nurbal and their allies, lead by Meij-clone Amouch, establish themselves on their new home world with the risky use of taboo artificial intelligence.
      2. In Nurbal Legacy, the Nurbal and their automatons reactivate the ancient Ehrban wormhole network and discover other survivors of the ancient war on other worlds.
      3. In Nurbal Enemy, the automatons of the Nurbal mutually annihilate with the artificial life Keius created long ago, just before the Nurbal re-encounter their ancient enemy and the war is reignited.