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Shadow of the Foundation: Part 1

  1. In Shadow of the Foundation: Part 1, the accidental discovery of the "food of the gods" starts a civil war in Xiania, and attempts to resolve that situation seem to only make it worse.
    1. In Episode 1, the accidental mortal discovery of the immortality-inducing "food of the gods" forces Xio to personally intervene in the subsequent civil war in Xiania.
    2. In Episode 2, Xio's intervention in the Xianian civil war nearly leads to a world-ending catastrophe as a gravitic superweapon is prepared to fight a robot army gone rogue.
    3. In Episode 3, the renegade robot army rolling over Asia and the Columbian swarm of hunter-killed drones are both subdued by a friendly robot force from the new nation of Pacifica.